WordPress On-Page SEO Techniques

WordPress On-Page SEO optimization is the initial step of SEO strategy. If your blog is not SEO optimized so search engine will not crawl your site quickly. You need to set your WORDPRESS ON-PAGE SEO carefully because your Onpage SEO is strongest part to crawl in search engines. We share here the best 10 tested WordPress On-Page SEO Tips to make strong your SEO strategy.

In WP ON-Page SEO you need to focus on following things to optimize your page.


1. Content:

Experts also called king to content because content shows the quality of a blog without content, you never setup any blog. Therefore, must be writing your own content and make a post at least more than 350 words.Don’t use copied content because search engines hasn’t liked the copy content and all search engines will ban you.

2. Theme/Layout:

Use good looking theme for your blog which have at least one sidebar and must check the load time & SEO strategy before applying any theme. Low load & SEO friendly site is best & You’ll get quick results. If you should interesting to buy a premium theme so must be reviewed about theme, features and company.

3. Eye Catching Look:

This is also linked to the second point because color combination also depends on your theme. But some time, many people used most famous theme by changing the color combination. That’s why, this is important that you’ve also used an SEO friendly theme, but you won’t like the colours so change it as per your blog/website niche.

4. Title, Keyword & Description:

This is really important to use SEO Friendly Title, Keyword & Description in all posts on your WordPress blog. This is a main point because search engines crawl the data from Title, Keyword & Description. Therefore, must use online keywords tools and make the strong Titles, Keyword & Description to get a quick Search Engine response.

5. Keyword Density:

Some Google algorithm kick off those sites whose doing keyword stuffing because this is a tip of Black Hat SEO. Keyword stuffing means repeating the keyword in the article again & again. Therefore, Search engines block those sites who have used black hat SEO.

That’s why I suggest you to use keywords in your article as per following:

  • Use just 1 Keyword in Article Title
  • Use just 1 Keyword in URL
  • Use just 2% Keywords in your article (For Example: Your article written on 300 Words, so use just 6 Keywords)

6. Permalink:

This is the setting of your URL and search engine catch those sites quickly which has friendly URL. So must be set your permalinks as per following example. – BAD – GOOD

7. Internal Links:

Must be linked your a post to other related posts. This is the best way to get vast pageviews because when someone like your content so s/he must be visiting your other linked pages and it is also increasing your rank.

8. Use Images:

Use at least 2-3 images in your article because many peoples inspire with images to read your content fully and if you share any tips OR tutorials so must be added step by step images. People like those posts which has clearly shown anything, that’s why images is playing an important role.

9. Social Sharing Button:

Anyone knows that social media has played important role in SEO, without promoting your content in social media you can’t get strong backlinks so must be use social sharing button in your post then peoples share your content with others.

10. H1, H2 & H3 Tags:

Use Heading Tags in your content because its make your content look pretty and search engine also like this. If you use the keyword in heading so it is really helping you to boost your content.

This is above the Best Wordpress On-Page SEO Techniques & Tricks. If you’ve any other suggestion so must be shared with us.


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