What is WordPress? How to Make a website in 5 minutes?

What is WordPress?

Hi guys, I am from wpfather and we want to speak about what is wordpress in this website. we are speaking about wordpress, and how to make a website in 5 minutes!

How can I make a website in 5 minutes? 😐

By wordpress, you can start your own hosted website in 5 minutes. Lets, go and learn about WordPress CMS!

WordPress is #1 (number one) cms or content management system in the world. Content management system is a system, that can make and manage your website content without coding as well. More than 30% of websites in the world are using wordpress as CMS for manage their content.

If you want to make a website without coding and troubles, we suggest you WordPress  CMS. by WordPress CMS you can make your website in five minutes and you can start your online business as well.

How does WordPress works?

WordPress is installing in your website using your webhosting resources. You can learn how to install wordpress on your computer (windows or mac) and your web hosting provider panel in our next tutorial.

How to work With wordpress?

You can work with wordpress website by view our wordpress tutorial category. We promise to be astonished!

In the next steps we have some tips and tricks for you to have a nice and professional website in the online world.

How to Download WordPress?

WordPress is free and You Can Download WordPress from below button or using wordpress.org/download

Download WordPress

Additional informations about wordpress…

WordPress is fast, secure and stable. some of greate websites in the world have been built with wordpress. For example: Angrybirds.com , facebook blog and …

about wordpress

WordPress has translation for your local language, you can download and install wordpress in your language and use for your country users

Be sure of WordPress and use it.


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