Top 5 Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress

Social Media sites are played the main role to build high quality backlinks and spread the blog quickly. But as a webmaster OR as a blogger, you just share your content one time OR two time, it is not enough. That’s why we need to install social sharing plugin to add social buttons in the blog post and when someone like the content, they will share it on a suitable social network.

If you want to know the importance of social sharing so check all the top blogs and website. All of them use this trick to spread their content rapidly. Therefore, social media button is most important to add in blog posts.

WordPress plugin makes easier everything to us that I already asked in a previous articles that we’ve done 60% to 70% work of WordPress by using plugins. There are many friendly sharing plugin available in WordPress directory and every plugin give you the different type of look and buttons, but you can choose the best plugin as per your blog design. We share here the best 5 social sharing plugin with floating system.

Best 5 Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress Blogs

1. AddThis

Addthis one of the most downloaded plugin around 1.9 Million downloads and this is also in the list of Top 25WordPress plugin. Therefore, no doubt that this is one of best plugin which has provided around 330 services. Time to time Addthis update the functions.

There are many types of button sizes, a floating bar and other option available in this plugin.

2. Digg Digg

Digg Digg is a most used WordPress social sharing plugin in WordPress and its crossed the 800K downloads, it means more than 800K peoples used this plugin on their blog and this is the best plugin which display all top social sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Linkedin, Digg, Google+ & More.

This plugin also shows the sharing counts and allow floating bar with scroll bar.

3. Floating Social Bar

Floating social bar is also one of the best social sharing plugin and this plugin is launched by Syed balkhi. Many plugins should slow down your site load, but as per experts, this is the lightweight plugin & also allowedthe floating bar system with counting.

4. Flare

As per the description of flare, this is the eye catching WordPress plugin and this is also providing the services of all top level social sites. This plugin also provides the floating bar, but one thing is different that this plugin provide the shining anddifferent shapes of buttons as round, square etc.

5. Social Share Buttons

This is not a popular plug-in but this plugin has provide many diffrent and unique types of button shapes thats why this is in the list. Many peoples like something new and diffrent shape. this plugin is for those peoples who want something change.

This is list of best 5 social sharing plugins and hope you like it.


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