How To Install & Configue JetPack Plugin

JetPack Plugin is powered and developed by Automattic. This plugin actually for WordPress. Com users, but you also can get benefit from it. In this plug-in you will connect your existing blog with WordPress. Com and get an access lot of features of Jetpack.

In the last few years, this plugin makes improves and I’d never seen any plugin with this type of lots of features, Jetpack plugin is owned by WordPress that’s why all features are in one. This is also helpful to reduce your blog load because you need to just install this one for 10’s of work instead of a bundle of plugins.

In this plugin you just need to manage a single window for all work instead you’ve managed a list of plugins.

Why You Should Install Jetpack Plugin & What are the features

  • Site verification: This plugin is provided the option of verifying your site in search engines. Google, Yahoo & Bing etc.
  • Related Posts: Many WordPress themes have this option by default, but if this option is not in your themes so you can activate this option to show related posts in your content area.
  • Custom CSS: you can manage your CSS by adding and removing any code without editing your main file.
  • Blog Stats: You can easily check your visitor stats and most visited keywords of your site.
  • Publicize: This is a very important tool. You’ve to connect your social network site like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler & more. When you published any post so it will automatically  post in your connected social networks.
  • CDN: Every CDN company charged amount for this service, but in this plugin you’ve enjoy totally freely.
  • Responsive: Many themes do not have responsive look. But, you can make your theme responsive by using this plugin.
  • Contact Form:You need to install a separate plugin to manage contact form, but this plugin provide you the contact form also.

This is just some features of Jetpack plug-in, when install it so you’ll assume that how pretty this plugin.

How To Install Jetpack plugin in WordPress

As this plugin has lots of features, but installation of this plugin is very simple & easy. Just follow this 5 steps to install Jetpack plugin.

  1. Install Jetpack Plugin From WordPress Plugin Directory. (How To Install Plugin)
  2. After Installation, You’ve to get a button on your dashboard “Connect to WordPress“. Click on it.
  3. When you clicked, a window will appear from Click on “Need an account”
  4. After that, a simple form will open with Required details Email Address, User Name & Password. Just fill it.
  5. After filling, when you click on Signup then you got a screen that “You’re successfully connected to Jetpack!”

Cheers! Your jetpack plugin has been installed and ready to use. Hope, this is very simple and easy tutorial. Your feedback is appreciated.


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