How To Install WordPress Theme

This is an initial part that How To Install WordPress Theme. The theme is basically designed an image in the public mind and people remember your blog/website by look. Today I’ll let you know the step by step guide to install WordPress theme.

There are two ways to set up WordPress theme. One is that you’ve installed the theme from WordPress library where thousands of free designs are available and Second is that you’ve downloaded the design content somewhere and upload it in your panel.

Way 1: Install WordPress Theme from Library

1 – Dashbaord > Appearance > Themes.

2 – Then click > Add New.

3 – After that search any theme by name & click to install Button.

4 – Now, you’ll get 3 options – Live Preview / Activate / Return To Installer. Click to Activate.

5 – Now your new look has been installed.

Way 2: Install from System

One thing is really important to install wordpress theme that your theme-folder must be in .Zip file. Otherwise, it cannot be uploaded.

1 – Dashbaord > Appearance > Themes.

2 – Then click > Add New.

3 – Click Upload Button.

4 – And Click Choose File Button, when you click on the button so a small window will appear, where you can locate your .zip file & click open.

5 – Now, Click Install Now & Activate.

Your theme installed and the new look is ready. 🙂 Thanks


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