How to install WordPress in CPanel?

Hi to all. in the first article at WP toturial series, we want to install wordpress in cpanel. Follow this article and our website…

What is CPanel?

Cpanel is a web hosting management control panel by cpanel.net team, that can manage your website hosting data wich including files, databases, emails and all of your website’s data.

Webhosting control panels are installing by your website hosting company. A large percentage of webhosting providers are using cpanel as their control panel. However you can ask about your hosting panel from your hosting provider.

Install WordPress in CPanel

At first, you must download WordPress from wordpress.org/download or this page. After that, you can install this CMS on your webhosting control panel. follow me step by step.

Step1: Login to your CPanel

You must login to your cpanel area by typing yourwebsite.com/cpanel in your browser url bar. for example: wpfather.com/cpanel

Enter your username and password and press Login button.

Then click on Filemanager icon for going to your website filemanager and manage your files using cpanel. Then go to public_html folder by double click.

Then Click on upload button to upload your wordpress files.

Drop your file that downloaded in the first step, into upload box or click on Select file button, then wait until your file is uploaded.

Now, return to filemanager and right click on wordpress zip file, then click on extract menu to extract your wordpress archive.

Go to wordpress folder that extracted in public_html by double click on it.

In the next step, select on select all button, then click on move button.

In the move box, type public_html in path, then click on move button.

Now you must enter your website address in your browser. For example: wpfather.com Then select your language of your locale in the first step of wordpress 5 minutes installer and select continue.

Click on Let’s go button and create a database in your cpanel Mysql Databases Wizard section.

In this step, enter your database name , data base username and password in database form. (You don’t need to edit Database Host and Table Prefix.) Then submit your form.

You are in the last step of WordPress installation process. Just enter your website information and save your WordPress website’s setting.

Thanks for your reading of this tutorial. GoodBye


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