How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

As we know that WordPress is the best open CMS script and its have lots of features, even some features we still do not know that what is this and how it’sworking. Therefore, many experts work on it and share their best experience.

In this post we discuss about schedule post that How to Schedule Posts in WordPress.

Why Schedule Post Needed & When

There are many reason to set schedule posts in wordpress but some of the top reason as following:

  1. Top reason is to match your posting timing with your targeted country timing. For example: you think that if I published a post around 12PM and this is good for targeted peoples so you can easily set the timing as per your requirement.
  2. Some time, many peoples think that 2-3 posts is best for a day, but they have the capability to write 5-6 postsdaily, so this is the best way to quality in publishing the posts on a daily basis.
  3. This trick is also best for events, parties and new year post. You can just publish the post with scheduling option, it will automatically publish as per scheduled time.

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

  1. First you need to complete your article/post and every thing of your post.
  2. Then, go to public box in edit post page and click on edit link inside the Publish section. Then change time of post to your optional time.
  3. After following the above steps, you’ve scheduled your post successfully.

Hope, You can easily understand the best easiest tutorial of schedule posts in wordpress.


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