How To Hide Affiliate Links in WordPress Website

Affiliate links basically used by affiliate marketers. Many companies offer that you’ve sale their products and they will give you commission against selling products. In this situation they will assign a link with your id and when someone buy any product from your links so the commission will add to your account automatically.

But the some affiliate/associates links looks like spam links that’s why many people does not click it and search engine should not crawl this. For example, this is my affiliate links of Hostgator and Dreamhost. http://secure.hostgator.com/~affiliat/cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=mohammadi http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?1652791

The above links are very long and not memorable. That’s why we need to cloak it in a pretty and simple link.

Now, see the following links after cloaking.

  • http://wpfather.com/HostGator
  • http://wpfather.com/DreamHost

This is easy to memorable and simple link and no one assume that it is affiliate link and search engine also crawl it easily.

Why Should You Need To Hide Affiliate Links?

  • SEO Friendly – As I add in above that many affiliate link look like as spam link that’s why we need to change but after cloaking. Further, When search engine found the more affiliate link in your site so search engines will block your site.
  • Easy To Remember – After clicking the link, you can easily remember it and post it easily anywhere and also memorable it for the user.
  • Peoples Hate Affiliate Link – Many users hate affiliate link and they do not click on your link. After cloaking, they could not expect that it is an affiliate link.

How To Hide Affiliate Links in WordPress

I asked earlier in my other articles that in WordPress we could cover up to 70%-80% work by using a plugin. The same situation in this topic that we hide the affiliate links by using the Pretty Link Lite Plugin.

  1. You need to install Pretty link lite plugin. (How To Install Plugin in WordPress)
  2. After installing, you have an option in your left menu bar.
  3. Now, Click on “Add New Link” Button.
  4. When you clicked, a form will appear with Target URL, Pretty Link & Title.
    – Paste your affiliate link in Target URL.
    – Set Pretty Link as per your requirement. http://yourdomain.com/dreamhost OR whatever you want.
    – Set Title
    – Rest Without using other options, click Create.
  5. Your affiliate links ready to use after cloaked.

The main benefit of this plugin is that affiliated links is possible to change but you’ve posted the affiliate link in different places so you need to edit it manually, but using this plugin you just edit your back end affiliate link and your new link is automatically in the work.

If you think that anything is missing so kindly let us know.


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