Best WordPress Plugins To Install Initially

The plugin plays the same role in WordPress as salt worked in food, without salt you cannot eat the food similar that without plugin you never run your WordPress blog. Because many works related to SEO, Search Engine Verification, Contact Form, Social Sharing, Picture Slideshows & much more you can do by using WordPress plugin.

Some Best WordPress Plugins have played the main role in WordPress that’s why we need to install it on initially after the just installation of WordPress. There are 16 Plugins which we need to install at the initial step.

16 Best WordPress Plugins

1. JetPack Plugin

JetPack is the one of best wordpress plugin powered by WordPress.Com. In this plugin you can manage many things easily. For example: Social Sharing, Auto Social Submission, Free CDN Service, Shortern link, Blog Stats And Much More.

2. Akismet (For Reduce Spam Comments)

Akismet is one of the best plugin to reduce spam comments. This is reccommentdation of many experts and also recommend by WordPress. When you install WordPress so this plugin installed in your WordPress by default. You just need to activate it and it will automatically move all spam comments in spam folder.

3. Growmap Anti Spambot (For Reduce Comments Spamming)

This is also a best WordPress plugin to reduce spam commenting. Many times Akismet not detect the spam comments and you’ll get notification that you received a comment. Therefore, we need to install this plugin also to our satisfaction. When you install and activate this plugin so a check box will appear in your after comment area next to submit button with the text “Confirm you are NOT a spammer” when someone checked on the box then his/her comment should proceed otherwise not.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast (SEO Title & Meta Description)

When we talk about the WordPress SEO so the first name WordPress SEO by Yoast click in our mind because this is one of the most rated and popular plugin of SEO. No doubt! This plugin used by many top bloggers and also they recommend to us.

This plugin helps us to increase Search Engine visibility by focusing Keyword via setup Title, Meta Description and Meta Tags. This plugin also provides the search engine verification tools.

5. All in SEO Pack (For SEO)

This is another best rated and popular plugin for SEO. You can also call it best alternative plugin of WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin is easy to use then Yoast’s plugin. Many experts also recommend it for new bloggers because Yoast has many advanced options which will not useful for beginners. Therefore, If you are new blogger, so you can choose this one. Kindly note that you can use only one SEO plugin at one time in a single blog.

6. XML Sitemaps (For Auto Sitemap Submission)

This is one of the most popular plugin to submit Sitemaps to Google Search Engine. Every Search engines detect the data from Sitemaps and when you update site maps so your data will be indexed for crawling.

By using this plugin you do not need to manually update the sitemaps in Google webmaster tools. When you’ve published any new data in your blog so this plugin will auto update the sitemaps in your Google webmaster tools.

7. SEO Friendly Images (For Image SEO)

Now, these day’s images have played an important role to get ranking in search engines. Therefore, you must be using Title & the ALT tag in all your images. Many peoples do not update the Title & ALT tag of images because this work is not in our practice. So Don’t worry, Just install SEO Friendly Images in your WordPress blog. This plugin automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes.

8. Contact Form 7 (For Contact Us Form)

Contact us page is the need of every bloggers. Some theme provides you the contact form in their theme panel by default, but many peoples used this plugin for managing contact form. Because, with this plugin you can manage multiple forms with captcha and customize it easily. This is also recommendation of Experts.

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9. W3 Total Cache (For Quick Load)

Search Engine Optimization also depends on your site load, Its depend your blog that how load on your website. If your blog load is low so the search engine robot crawl it quickly on top. Therefore, you need to setup W3 Total Cache plugin in your WordPress to reduce WordPress blog load. This plugin improves your cache and reducing your load timing.

10. WP Super Cache (For Blog Load)

This is a similar plugin to W3 Total Cache, the work of both plugin is same that reduce & improve the WordPress blog loading timing, but experts recommend W3 Total Cache plugin instead of WP Super Cache and top bloggers also used this plugin on their blog. This is the choice after that W3 Total Cache.

11. WP Smush.It (For Image Optimization)

This plugin use for reducing your image size. When your image sizes are low so it will crawl in search engines quickly and shown at the top in search engine. As, I asked above that Images have also played an important role in SEO. Therefore, You’ve installed this plugin to optimize images in search engine.

12. Robot TXT (For SEO)

Search Engine robots also checked your robots.txt file during crawling for allowed and disallowed categories & panels. If you want to enable/disable any categories OR panels from search engines so you can easily manage it by using this plugin.

13. Digg Digg (For Social Sharing)

Digg Digg is the best recommended plugin for social sharing. You can easily add top social sharing button in your content area by using this plugin. This is also provide the scroll down/up floating service. In this plugin you can add button of most popular social media site. For Example: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest & Many others.

14. Wordfence Security (For WordPress Security)

Wordfence Security is for use for security purpose in WordPress and also a part of Best WordPress Plugins. This plugin checks & save your all files, database from malware and work as an antivirus. This plugin also protects you to spammers and hackers. When someone tries to login to your WordPress by wrong password this plugin will block their IP. Wordfence security is also sent to you the log details and protection on your email address.

15. WordPress Backup to DropBox (For Backup)

Backup is the best way to alive your site again because there are many issues to take down your site due to server issues, hosting suspension and any other thing. In this situation, If you’ve a backup of your all data so you can easily start your blog again.

16. Redirection (For SEO)

This plugin helps to redirect 301 & 404 errors to directly on the main page. This is also beneficial for SEO.

This is the list of 16 Best WordPress Plugins in our view. If you’ve any query about any plugin OR you want to know something else so let us know.


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