Wordpress On Page Optimization Tips

WordPress On-Page SEO Techniques

WordPress On-Page SEO optimization is the initial step of SEO strategy. If your blog is not SEO optimized so search engine will not crawl your site quickly. You need to set your WORDPRESS ON-PAGE SEO carefully because your Onpage SEO is strongest part to crawl in search engines. We share here the best 10 tested WordPress On-Page SEO Tips to make strong your SEO strategy.


In WP ON-Page SEO you need to focus on following things to optimize your page.


1. Content:

Experts also called king to content because content shows the quality of a blog without content, you never setup any blog. Therefore, must be writing your own content and make a post at least more than 350 words.Don’t use copied content because search engines hasn’t liked the copy content and all search engines will ban you.

2. Theme/Layout:

Use good looking theme for your blog which have at least one sidebar and must check the load time & SEO strategy before applying any theme. Low load & SEO friendly site is best & You’ll get quick results. If you should interesting to buy a premium theme so must be reviewed about theme, features and company.

3. Eye Catching Look:

This is also linked to the second point because color combination also depends on your theme. But some time, many people used most famous theme by changing the color combination. That’s why, this is important that you’ve also used an SEO friendly theme, but you won’t like the colours so change it as per your blog/website niche.

4. Title, Keyword & Description:

This is really important to use SEO Friendly Title, Keyword & Description in all posts on your WordPress blog. This is a main point because search engines crawl the data from Title, Keyword & Description. Therefore, must use online keywords tools and make the strong Titles, Keyword & Description to get a quick Search Engine response.

5. Keyword Density:

Some Google algorithm kick off those sites whose doing keyword stuffing because this is a tip of Black Hat SEO. Keyword stuffing means repeating the keyword in the article again & again. Therefore, Search engines block those sites who have used black hat SEO.

That’s why I suggest you to use keywords in your article as per following:

  • Use just 1 Keyword in Article Title
  • Use just 1 Keyword in URL
  • Use just 2% Keywords in your article (For Example: Your article written on 300 Words, so use just 6 Keywords)

6. Permalink:

This is the setting of your URL and search engine catch those sites quickly which has friendly URL. So must be set your permalinks as per following example.

http://www.wpfather.com/p=123 – BAD

http://www.wpfather.com/wp-on-page-seo-techniques-2014/ – GOOD

7. Internal Links:

Must be linked your a post to other related posts. This is the best way to get vast pageviews because when someone like your content so s/he must be visiting your other linked pages and it is also increasing your rank.

8. Use Images:

Use at least 2-3 images in your article because many peoples inspire with images to read your content fully and if you share any tips OR tutorials so must be added step by step images. People like those posts which has clearly shown anything, that’s why images is playing an important role.

9. Social Sharing Button:

Anyone knows that social media has played important role in SEO, without promoting your content in social media you can’t get strong backlinks so must be use social sharing button in your post then peoples share your content with others.

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10. H1, H2 & H3 Tags:

Use Heading Tags in your content because its make your content look pretty and search engine also like this. If you use the keyword in heading so it is really helping you to boost your content.

This is above the Best Wordpress On-Page SEO Techniques & Tricks. If you’ve any other suggestion so must be shared with us.

Best Free Wordpress Ecommerce Plugins

Best Free WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

Everyone knows that e-commerce stands for Electronic Commerce and there are many Best Free WordPress Ecommerce Plugins. As we all know that online shopping is now the part of life and this is the best way to buy anything at home and many companies worked on it as online and run their biggest e-stores and provide the services to peoples.

If you want to start your own online store so don’t worry, you can make your online store in just a few minutes by using WordPress eCommerce Plugins.

WordPress is the best platform, where you can make your website OR blog on any category and manage it easily by using WordPress Themes & Plugins.

There are many e-commerce themes are available, but we share here the Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins because plugins is applied on your exist theme and no need to change of your design.

5 Free Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

1. Woocommerce

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

WooCommerce is a part of Woothemes and this is best e shop plugin and its very easy to use. This plugin has many types of ready-made option and also all countries currency signs are included.

This plugin has supported in all themes, but better response you’ll get when you use the theme of also Woothemes because mostly Woothemes design for using for online store that’s why, this is better work in Woothemes.


  • SEO Plugins Support.
  • Diffrent online payments support.
  • Ready Sale Report.
  • Supports Every Country Currency.
  • Tax Information
  • And More..

2. Cart 66 Lite

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

This is another powerful E-commerce plugin to launchan online store. This also has many features and supports in all WordPress themesYou just need to install it, manage it by using their easy control panel.


  • Support Online Payments.
  • Set Tax by State & Zip Code.
  • Sale Report Ready.
  • Globel currency signs.
  • Promotion Code Option For Boost Sale.
  • Affiliate platform integration

3. WP E-Commerce

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

This is 3rd best plugin for online store website andworked in this criteria past 5years. This plugin powered by Getshopped and as per their description, this plugin is most powerful and there are many features they give as free and other companies charged for add-onfeatures.


  • Easy to use.
  • Supports all Wp Themes.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Multiple Shipping Option.
  • Multi Language Support
  • Inventory Setup.
  • Online Payments Gateway.
  • Stock Availibilty.
  • Product Filter Option.
  • And More..

4. Jigoshop

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

Jigoshop feature-packed eCommerce plugin and work with WordPress since many years. Many peoples like this plugin and its have lot of features to manage an online store. Jigoshop also provide the themes ofdifferent type of store where you get your design easily and manage your store in hand.


  • Variable products.
  • Manage Affiliate System.
  • Grouped Products.
  • Manage Stock.
  • Order Processing Update.
  • Ready Made Sale Report.

5. EShop

Best WordPress Plugins

This is the last choice of WordPress eCommerceplugins in our list. This is also a good plugin foreCommerce website and has different type of features. You can just install this plugin and enjoy the free lot of features.


  • Customers Account Option.
  • Download Sales Data.
  • Automatic Email on Purchase Option.
  • Configurable Out of Stock Massage.
  • Sales Tax Report.
  • And More.

This is the list of Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins.

Schedule Posts in WordPress

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

As we know that WordPress is the best open CMS script and its have lots of features, even some features we still do not know that what is this and how it’sworking. Therefore, many experts work on it and share their best experience.

In this post we discuss about schedule post that How to Schedule Posts in WordPress.

Why Schedule Post Needed & When:

There are many reason to set schedule posts in wordpress but some of the top reason as following:

  1. Top reason is to match your posting timing with your targeted country timing. For example: you think that if I published a post around 12PM and this is good for targeted peoples so you can easily set the timing as per your requirement.
  2. Some time, many peoples think that 2-3 posts is best for a day, but they have the capability to write 5-6 postsdaily, so this is the best way to quality in publishing the posts on a daily basis.
  3. This trick is also best for events, parties and new year post. You can just publish the post with scheduling option, it will automatically publish as per scheduled time.

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress:

  1. First you need to complete your article/post and every thing of your post.
  2. Then, Follow the 3 step in screenshot.
    Schedule Posts in WordPress
  3. After following the above steps, you’ve scheduled your post successfully.

Hope, You can easily understand the best easiest tutorial of schedule posts in wordpress.

Wordpress Best Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins To Install Initially

The plugin plays the same role in WordPress as salt worked in food, without salt you cannot eat the food similar that without plugin you never run your WordPress blog. Because many works related to SEO, Search Engine Verification, Contact Form, Social Sharing, Picture Slideshows & much more you can do by using WordPress plugin.

Some Best WordPress Plugins have played the main role in WordPress that’s why we need to install it on initially after the just installation of WordPress. There are 16 Plugins which we need to install at the initial step.

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16 Best WordPress Plugins

1. JetPack Plugin

JetPack Best WordPress PluginsJetPack is the one of best wordpress plugin powered by WordPress.Com. In this plugin you can manage many things easily. For example: Social Sharing, Auto Social Submission, Free CDN Service, Shortern link, Blog Stats And Much More.

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2. Akismet (For Reduce Spam Comments)

Best WordPress PluginsAkismet is one of the best plugin to reduce spam comments. This is reccommentdation of many experts and also recommend by WordPress. When you install WordPress so this plugin installed in your WordPress by default. You just need to activate it and it will automatically move all spam comments in spam folder.

3. Growmap Anti Spambot (For Reduce Comments Spamming)

Best WordPress PluginThis is also a best WordPress plugin to reduce spam commenting. Many times Akismet not detect the spam comments and you’ll get notification that you received a comment. Therefore, we need to install this plugin also to our satisfaction. When you install and activate this plugin so a check box will appear in your after comment area next to submit button with the text “Confirm you are NOT a spammer” when someone checked on the box then his/her comment should proceed otherwise not.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast (SEO Title & Meta Description)

Best WordPress Plugin - YoastWhen we talk about the WordPress SEO so the first name WordPress SEO by Yoast click in our mind because this is one of the most rated and popular plugin of SEO. No doubt! This plugin used by many top bloggers and also they recommend to us.

This plugin helps us to increase Search Engine visibility by focusing Keyword via setup Title, Meta Description and Meta Tags. This plugin also provides the search engine verification tools.

5. All in SEO Pack (For SEO)

Best WordPress Plugin - AIOThis is another best rated and popular plugin for SEO. You can also call it best alternative plugin of WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin is easy to use then Yoast’s plugin. Many experts also recommend it for new bloggers because Yoast has many advanced options which will not useful for beginners. Therefore, If you are new blogger, so you can choose this one. Kindly note that you can use only one SEO plugin at one time in a single blog.

6. XML Sitemaps (For Auto Sitemap Submission)

Best WordPress Plugin - XML (WpFather.Com)This is one of the most popular plugin to submit Sitemaps to Google Search Engine. Every Search engines detect the data from Sitemaps and when you update site maps so your data will be indexed for crawling.

By using this plugin you do not need to manually update the sitemaps in Google webmaster tools. When you’ve published any new data in your blog so this plugin will auto update the sitemaps in your Google webmaster tools.

7. SEO Friendly Images (For Image SEO)

SEO Images (WpFather.Com)Now, these day’s images have played an important role to get ranking in search engines. Therefore, you must be using Title & the ALT tag in all your images. Many peoples do not update the Title & ALT tag of images because this work is not in our practice. So Don’t worry, Just install SEO Friendly Images in your WordPress blog. This plugin automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes.

8. Contact Form 7 (For Contact Us Form)

contact-form-7Contact us page is the need of every bloggers. Some theme provides you the contact form in their theme panel by default, but many peoples used this plugin for managing contact form. Because, with this plugin you can manage multiple forms with captcha and customize it easily. This is also recommendation of Experts.

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9. W3 Total Cache (For Quick Load)

W3 Total CacheSearch Engine Optimization also depends on your site load, Its depend your blog that how load on your website. If your blog load is low so the search engine robot crawl it quickly on top. Therefore, you need to setup W3 Total Cache plugin in your WordPress to reduce WordPress blog load. This plugin improves your cache and reducing your load timing.

10. WP Super Cache (For Blog Load)

wp-super-cacheThis is a similar plugin to W3 Total Cache, the work of both plugin is same that reduce & improve the WordPress blog loading timing, but experts recommend W3 Total Cache plugin instead of WP Super Cache and top bloggers also used this plugin on their blog. This is the choice after that W3 Total Cache.

11. WP Smush.It (For Image Optimization)

smush-itThis plugin use for reducing your image size. When your image sizes are low so it will crawl in search engines quickly and shown at the top in search engine. As, I asked above that Images have also played an important role in SEO. Therefore, You’ve installed this plugin to optimize images in search engine.

12. Robot TXT (For SEO)

robots-txtSearch Engine robots also checked your robots.txt file during crawling for allowed and disallowed categories & panels. If you want to enable/disable any categories OR panels from search engines so you can easily manage it by using this plugin.

13. Digg Digg (For Social Sharing)

Digg Digg WordPress Plugin

Digg Digg is the best recommended plugin for social sharing. You can easily add top social sharing button in your content area by using this plugin. This is also provide the scroll down/up floating service. In this plugin you can add button of most popular social media site. For Example: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest & Many others.

14. Wordfence Security (For WordPress Security)

Best WordPress PluginWordfence Security is for use for security purpose in WordPress and also a part of Best WordPress Plugins. This plugin checks & save your all files, database from malware and work as an antivirus. This plugin also protects you to spammers and hackers. When someone tries to login to your WordPress by wrong password this plugin will block their IP. Wordfence security is also sent to you the log details and protection on your email address.

15. WordPress Backup to DropBox (For Backup)

Wordpress Backup to DropBox

Backup is the best way to alive your site again because there are many issues to take down your site due to server issues, hosting suspension and any other thing. In this situation, If you’ve a backup of your all data so you can easily start your blog again.

16. Redirection (For SEO)

Redirection WordPress Plugin

This plugin helps to redirect 301 & 404 errors to directly on the main page. This is also beneficial for SEO.

This is the list of 16 Best WordPress Plugins in our view. If you’ve any query about any plugin OR you want to know something else so let us know.


How To Install JetPack Plugin & Features

JetPack Plugin is powered WordPress.com and developed by Automattic. This plugin actually for WordPress. Com users, but you also can get benefit from it. In this plug-in you will connect your existing blog with WordPress. Com and get an access lot of features of Jetpack.

In the last few years, this plugin makes improves and I’d never seen any plugin with this type of lots of features, Jetpack plugin is owned by WordPress that’s why all features are in one. This is also helpful to reduce your blog load because you need to just install this one for 10’s of work instead of a bundle of plugins.

In this plugin you just need to manage a single window for all work instead you’ve managed a list of plugins.


Why You Should Install Jetpack Plugin & What are the features

  • Site verification: This plugin is provided the option of verifying your site in search engines. Google, Yahoo & Bing etc.

  • Related Posts: Many WordPress themes have this option by default, but if this option is not in your themes so you can activate this option to show related posts in your content area.

  • Custom CSS: you can manage your CSS by adding and removing any code without editing your main file.

  • Blog Stats: You can easily check your visitor stats and most visited keywords of your site.

  • Publicize: This is a very important tool. You’ve to connect your social network site like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler & more. When you published any post so it will automatically  post in your connected social networks.

  • CDN: Every CDN company charged amount for this service, but in this plugin you’ve enjoy totally freely.

  • Responsive: Many themes do not have responsive look. But, you can make your theme responsive by using this plugin.

  • Contact Form:You need to install a separate plugin to manage contact form, but this plugin provide you the contact form also.

This is just some features of Jetpack plug-in, when install it so you’ll assume that how pretty this plugin.

How To Install Jetpack plugin in WordPress

As this plugin has lots of features, but installation of this plugin is very simple & easy. Just follow this 5 steps to install Jetpack plugin.

  1. Install Jetpack Plugin From WordPress Plugin Directory. (How To Install Plugin)
  2. After Installation, You’ve to get a button on your dashboard “Connect to WordPress“. Click on it.
    How To Install Jetpack Plugin 1
  3. When you clicked, a window will appear from jetpack.wordpress.com. Click on “Need an account”
    How To Install Jetpack Plugin 2
  4. After that, a simple form will open with Required details Email Address, User Name & Password. Just fill it.
    How To Install Jetpack Plugin 3
  5. After filling, when you click on Signup then you got a screen that “You’re successfully connected to Jetpack!”
    How To Install Jetpack Plugin 4

Cheers! Your jetpack plugin has been installed and ready to use. Hope, this is very simple and easy tutorial. Your feedback is appreciated.


How To Hide Affiliate Links

Affiliate links basically used by affiliate marketers. Many companies offer that you’ve sale their products and they will give you commission against selling products. In this situation they will assign a link with your id and when someone buy any product from your links so the commission will add to your account automatically.


But the some affiliate/associates links looks like spam links that’s why many people does not click it and search engine should not crawl this. For example, this is my affiliate links of Hostgator and Dreamhost.



The above links are very long and not memorable. That’s why we need to cloak it in a pretty and simple link.

Now, see the following links after cloaking.

  • http://wpfather.com/HostGator
  • http://wpfather.com/DreamHost

This is easy to memorable and simple link and no one assume that it is affiliate link and search engine also crawl it easily.

Why Should You Need To Hide Affiliate Links?

  • SEO Friendly - As I add in above that many affiliate link look like as spam link that’s why we need to change but after cloaking. Further, When search engine found the more affiliate link in your site so search engines will block your site.
  • Easy To Remember - After clicking the link, you can easily remember it and post it easily anywhere and also memorable it for the user.
  • Peoples Hate Affiliate Link - Many users hate affiliate link and they do not click on your link. After cloaking, they could not expect that it is an affiliate link.

How To Hide Affiliate Links in WordPress

I asked earlier in my other articles that in WordPress we could cover up to 70%-80% work by using a plugin. The same situation in this topic that we hide the affiliate links by using the Pretty Link Lite Plugin.

  1. You need to install Pretty link lite plugin. (How To Install Plugin in WordPress)
  2. After installing, you have an option in your left menu bar.
    How To Hide Affiliate Links
  3. Now, Click on “Add New Link” Button.
    How To Hide Affiliate Links
  4. When you clicked, a form will appear with Target URL, Pretty Link & Title.
    - Paste your affiliate link in Target URL.
    - Set Pretty Link as per your requirement. http://yourdomain.com/dreamhost OR whatever you want.
    - Set Title
    - Rest Without using other options, click Create.
    How To Hide Affiliate Links
  5. Your affiliate links ready to use after cloaked.
    How To Hide Affiliate Links

The main benefit of this plugin is that affiliated links is possible to change but you’ve posted the affiliate link in different places so you need to edit it manually, but using this plugin you just edit your back end affiliate link and your new link is automatically in the work.

If you think that anything is missing so kindly let us know.

Tips To Wordpress SEO

Best WordPress SEO Tips & Tricks 2014

WordPress is known as famous Search Engine friendly blog application and there are thousands free SEO friendly themes & plugin are available. In WordPress SEO, plugins play a most important role because we done up to 70% – 80% work by plugins and this is also helping us to improve SEO ranking.

8 Killer Tips To Increase WordPress SEO

Tips To WordPress SEO

Today, we share here the most important part of optimizing your content and also let you know that how we can cover it by using plugins.

Title & Meta Description:

Title & Meta Description, without it you cannot survive in the search engines because when people search anything in search engine so search engine first catch your Title, Description and keywords and show it with peoples. If your Title & Description not friendly, so your site will not be considered. Therefore, use the SEO friendly Title & Description.

Use Any One from Following Plugins to manage your title, Description & Meta Keywords.

Internal Links:

This is also a good way for SEO that you’ve linked your internal content to each other and increase your blog visibility. When a person like to read your content so s/he must visit your other content by using internal links. This is worked 70%-80% for me and there are many plugins manage your internal link but we suggest just following.

Plugin For Internal Link:

Reduce Blog Load:

Search engine crawls those sites quickly, which has a tiny load that’s why this is also an important point to reduce your WordPress load. There are many tricks to reduce WordPress load like: Uninstalled unused plugins, simple & low size themes, use a number of small size images & many other ways.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about reducing WordPress so don’t worry, just remove unused plug-ins from your directory and install One plugin from following, this plugin will manage your WordPress load.

Image Optimization:

Image is a good way to catch user interest because many peoples like those posts which cover with images, but images get more load and face an issue to crawling in search engine. Therefore, Image optimization is very important to visible in search engines.

There are many tricks to optimize image manually OR by tools. But WordPress user has this advantage, that just installs a plugin and optimize the image easily & quickly.

We refer following plugin to Optimize image:

Social Sharing:

The social sharing network has played a most important in blogging criteria because without sharing content in social network you cannot reach your target easily.

Social networking makes it easy to spread content quickly and easily in few minutes. Therefore, must be used this plugin who has post auto your content in the top social network. Like: Facebook, Twitter etc.

Following 2 plugins for managing social sharing

XML Sitemaps:

Every website & blog has own sitemap and search engine basically crawl your content from Sitemaps so it is really important to submit a sitemap in search engine at a time when you update your WordPress blog.

Many SEO plugins has also provided this service. If you use any SEO plugin so check that option otherwise use any one plugin by following.

Manage Broken Links:

The broken link is a bad effect on SEO strategy and this is also rude the user when s/he click any link and that link will not work. Therefore, you must manage your broken link by unlinking OR removing the links. In this situation use following plug-ins which should auto indicate you about broken links.

404 Redirection:

This is also related to broken link when someone click broken link on your site so this plugin auto redirect him/her on your main page OR which ever you set any page. This plugin also saves you in webmaster tools because broken links are effected on WordPress SEO.

Plugins for Redirection:

If you found any thing missing so kindly let us know.

Contact Us Page

How To Make Contact Us Page

Contact us. This is the one of most important page which you’ve seen in all websites OR blogs, where you find the contact information on those websites.

If you’re a blogger OR webmaster so you must be add your contact information OR Contact Us Form in your blog OR websites. There are many reasons to put contact us page that some, like many advertisers should interested to advertise on your website so they’ll touch you by contact us page OR any legal department want to contact you about your content/material so also they visit your Contact Us Page.

Many people just add the email address and telephone number in their contact form and as per my review when you show your email address so it will be hunting by spam emails and once your email hunt so you’ll get 100’s of email daily. Therefore, as per my view Contact Form is better than an email address or any other contact information.

How To Make Contact Us Page in WordPress by Using Contact Form 7 Plugin

In the beginning to create a contact us page, you need to install following TWO Plugins in your WordPress.

  1. Contact Form 7 – This plugin for contact form.
  2. Really Simple CAPTCHA – This plugin save your contact form from robots.

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Contact form 7 is best rated and most using plugin in WordPress that’s why we also share this tutorial with Contact Form 7 plugin. Many experts also recommend this plugin.

After the installing above 2 plugins you’ve to follow just following step by step guide.

Step By Step Guide With Screenshots

1 – After Installing the Contact Form 7 Plugin, you’ll get a Contact option in your left sidebar and when you move your circle on Contact tab so you’ll two options “Contact Forms & Add New” so click Contact Form.

Contact Us Form

2 – When you clicked Contact Forms you’ll get a demo contact page which was added by default.

3 – So no need to add a new form, you’ve to edit demo form.

Contact Us Form 2

4 – when you click on Edit, so you got an HTML box where the default HTML code is visible. Where general information already mentioned like Name, Email address, subject & Comment box. If you want to add any other form field so add it by right side Generate Tab otherwise leave it default.

5 – After that click on generate tab and select CAPTCHA.

Contact Us Form

6 – When you click CAPTCHA so a captcha box will appear on your screen and in the below you found 2 codes with auto assign ID. 1st for image and 2nd for input field. Just simple way you add following HTML code before Submit code in your left HTML box.

<p> 1st For Image Code <br /> 2nd Input filed code </p>

Contact Us Form 4

7 – After putting the HTML code, scroll down your bar and put your email address into Mail Box.

Contact Us Form

NOTE: your email address must be different from your wordpress primary email because sometime this plugin not working with the same email address.

8 – After putting the HTML code, save your form and copy the above form code.

Contact Us Form

9 – Add New Page with the name of “Contact Us” and paste the copied code and publish it.

Contact Us Form

10 – Your contact form is ready to use.

Contact Us Form

Hope, this tutorial will helpful to you and your feedback is appreciated.

Install How To Wordpress Plugin

Install WordPress Plugin Guide

Everyone knows that in WordPress 60% to 70% work done by using plug-ins and there are thousands of free plug-in available in the WordPress directory related to  SEO, html coding and shortcodes etc.

But, in starting point you need to know that How To Install WordPress Plugin. Therefore, we share here best easy step by step guide to Install  Wordpress Plugin WordPress with screen shots.

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How To Install Plug-in in WP

The procedure of installing a plug-in is same as installing themes in WordPress. Same 2 method to install plugin in WordPress.

One method is to install a plugin from WordPress directory and second is installing the plugin manually. But mostly plugin is available in the directory. Therefore, usage of method 2 is very low.

METHOD 1: Install The Plugin By Directory.

1 – Left Menu Bar > Plugins > Add New.

Install WordPress Plugin 1

2 – Search any plugin from search box as to require you. I’ve searched “Wordpress SEO” plug-in for an example.

Install WordPress Plugin 2

3 – Then Choose plug-in from searches list, and click Install Now then OK.

Install WordPress Plugin 3

4 – After that, Click you’ll get an option about activation. Then, Click “Activate Plugin”.

Install WordPress Plugin 4

5 – Your plug-in ready to use.

Install WordPress Plugin

METHOD 2: Install WordPress Plugin By Upload Option.

1 – Left Menu Bar > Plugins > Add New.

Install WordPress Plugin 1

2 – click on above second “Upload Option”.

Install WordPress Plugin 22

3 – Then Choose the plug-in file from your system, and click Upload.

Install WordPress Plugin 33

4 – After that, Click “Activate Plug-in”.

Install WordPress Plugin 4

5 – Your plug-in has been installed successfully.

If you found any thing missing while install wordpress plugin, kindly let us know.